Taking Research from
Concept to Sovereign Capability

Transforming defence innovation through a strategic partnership between the University of Adelaide (UoA), the University of NSW (UNSW) and industry partners, with support from the Australian Government Department of Education.

About the Initiative

Defence Trailblazer aims to enhance Australia’s defence and economic security by transforming the way researchers and industry work together to solve real-world problems.

Workforce, Innovation & Culture

Developing workforce capabilities, innovation and a culture of collaboration through UoA and UNSW-led education, engagement and entrepreneurship programs, co-designed with industry partners.

Key objectives:

  • Building workforce capabilities
  • Fast-tracking innovation
  • Driving cultural change

Research & Development Acceleration Projects

Accelerating proven concepts into commercial opportunities through targeted research in five high-priority areas, co-led by UoA and UNSW academics, industry partners and DST Group STaR Shot program leaders.

Key priority areas:

  • Quantum Materials, Technologies & Computing
  • Information Warfare & Advanced Cyber Technologies
  • Defence Space Technologies
  • Defensive Hypersonics & Countermeasures
  • Robotics, Autonomous Systems & AI

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