Our Partners

Together with our industry partners, we’re charting a bold new course to accelerate defence innovation and strengthen Australia’s sovereign capabilities


AICRAFT is a South Australian company that designs and manufactures smart sensors, tailored systems and electronic boards powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

The company specialises in purpose-built electronics and advanced semiconductor technology to craft ultra-compact, high-speed, low-power, embedded AI solutions for high-performance edge computing in space and on earth.

A message from Dr Tony Scoleri, CEO of AICRAFT:

“We are thrilled to be part of the Defence Trailblazer program to explore pathways to deliver Defence capability and benefit from great courses and support to upskill our staff.”

Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre

The Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre is dedicated to building cyber capacity and securing Australia’s digital landscape. It is the Centre’s mission to make cyber resilience accessible, affordable, and achievable across the Australian economy, envisioning a future where every organisation can confidently navigate the digital realm.

Collaboration lies at the heart of the Centre’s approach- working together is key to delivering on the organisation’s mission. Fostering trust and confidence within the Australian cyber security ecosystem, acting as a national leader in forging partnerships that drive cyber capacity building throughout the nation is what drives the success of the centre.

Australian National Fabrication Facility

Established in 2007, under the Australian Government’s National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy, the Australian National Fabrication Facility (ANFF) provides academia and industry with access to more than 500 state-of-the-art micro/nanofabrication facilities spread across 21 Australian locations. From proving principles to producing prototypes, ANFF has been enabling world-class research through a mixture of training, expert support and direct access.

Areas of expertise include microfabrication, nanofabrication, commercialisation, advanced materials, quantum, medtech, photonics, electronics and more.

A message from Dr Jane Fitzpatrick, CEO, ANFF:

ANFF is excited to be part of this new way to support the development of Australian IP towards solving key problems for our defence industry. We look forward to contributing to this great partnership model.”

CAE Australia

CAE equips people in critical roles with the expertise and solutions to create a safer world. As a technology company, CAE digitalise the physical world, deploying software-based simulation training and critical operations support solutions.

Above all else, CAE empower pilots, cabin crew, airlines, defence and security forces, and healthcare practitioners to perform at their best every day and when the stakes are the highest.

Around the globe, CAE has more than 13,000 employees in approximately 250 sites and training locations in over 40 countries.

CAE represents more than 75 years of industry firsts—the highest-fidelity flight, mission and medical simulators and training programs powered by digital technologies. CAE embed sustainability in everything they do. Today and tomorrow, CAE make sure our customers are ready for the moments that matter.

A message from CAE Managing Director Indo-Pacific, CAE Defence & Security, Matthew Sibree: 

“Investing in innovation is not a choice, but a strategic imperative for our industry to proactively address the evolving needs of our defence customers, and deliver at a point of need and time. For over 75 years, CAE has placed innovation at the heart of its solution design and has enabled us to deliver leading-edge training and operational support to the global defence market.

CAE Australia is honoured to participate in the Defence Trailblazer program. Together with our program partners, we can accelerate the implementation of training technologies that enhance the mission preparedness, safety and performance of our personnel – our most critical asset in defence capability.”


Chironix develops software and applied robotics solutions, and implements them in the field. The company specialises in integrating automated robotics solutions to add value to operations within the resource, energy and defence sectors.

A message from Dan Milford, Chironix CEO:

“I’m excited to bring Chironix into DTB; there is a great deal of prospect in all of the programs and there are many quality contributors to the future of Defence Capability who are participating.

Sovereign capability is inherently important to our organisation and we look forward sharing our expertise in applied robotics solutions”

Cingulan Space

Cingulan Space is a space communications company, focussed on advanced and space-based communications technologies.

Cingulan Space owns and operates satellite tracking stations across Australia and has strong experience in supporting development, test and operational missions.

A message from Cingulan Space Co-Founder and CEO, Keith Rosario: 

“Cingulan Space is excited to partner with Defence Trailblazer to engage with the Department of Defence in sovereign technology innovation and to bring real enhancements to Defence’s capability in a timely way.”


Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) is the worldwide technology leader that securely connects everything to make anything possible. The company’s purpose is to power an inclusive future for all by helping their customers reimagine their applications, power hybrid work, secure their enterprise, transform their infrastructure, and meet their sustainability goals.

A message from Reg Johnson, Director, Education and Strategic Industries, Cisco Australia and New Zealand.

Cisco is a world leader in secure networking technology, and we are delighted to bring our global innovation pedigree to the Defence Trailblazer program. Cisco‘s Country Digital Acceleration program will enable us to work with defence primes and Australian SMEs to develop real sovereign capability, and we look forward to introducing our existing partners in the Cisco National Industry Innovation Network to the national defence community and Australia’s defence industry,”


CSIRO is Australia’s national science organisation leading mission-driven, multidisciplinary science and research.

A message from Dr Marcus Zipper, Director CSIRO Manufacturing:

“CSIRO is looking forward to working with the University of Adelaide and UNSW alongside industry partners to deploy new additive manufacturing, quantum chip manufacturing and space optic technologies into the Australian defence industry ecosystem.

Access to specialist equipment and expertise at CSIRO will be provided to support the delivery of Trailblazer projects. This includes state-of-the-art laser wire deposition, device packaging and single point diamond turning equipment.”


Diraq aims to redefine scalable quantum computing and bring practical commercial applications to the world via billions of qubits on a single chip. Diraq will be an end-to-end quantum computing provider – providing quantum hardware and software as a full stack.

Diraq has established the core IP in quantum computing hardware, with over $100 million in funding across ten patent families and over two decades of research. Diraq’s proprietary technology enables the company to scale effectively, by leveraging the well-established silicon complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) manufacturing process employed by existing foundries. This approach paves the way for a faster and more cost-efficient route to market.

World leaders in building quantum processors using electron spins in CMOS quantum dots, the Diraq team pioneered this revolutionary technology in Sydney, Australia, commencing a series of patent filings in 2014. In collaboration with esteemed global technical and commercial partners, the Diraq team is committed to constructing the quantum ecosystem of the future. 

The vast potential of quantum computing resides in the applications, which will demand many millions, and ultimately billions, of qubits. Diraq’s silicon-based technology is arguably the most promising pathway to the billions of qubits needed to unlock the true transformative power of quantum computing.

A message from Diraq CEO and Founder, Andrew Dzurak:

“Diraq is thrilled to announce our involvement as an industry partner to the Quantum Materials, Technologies & Computing stream of the Defence Trailblazer initiative – a groundbreaking collaboration between the University of Adelaide, UNSW Sydney, and the Australian Government Department of Education. 

Quantum computing is revolutionising the way important computational challenges are solved. In partnering with Defence Trailblazer, Diraq is uniquely positioned to accelerate the momentum of current R&D programs and to pioneer transformative approaches in the Defence sector. Our alliance is a testament to our mutual dedication to driving innovation, creating new frontiers in the process.

Together, we’re charting a bold new course, aiming to endow our defence systems with Sovereign Capability, bolstered by the computational power quantum computing offers. Our vision extends beyond creating innovative technology, but also fostering job growth, and promoting an ecosystem with a workforce culture focused innovation. Together, we’re on a path to redefine what’s possible and enhance defence capabilities through the power of quantum computing.”

DTEX Systems

DTEX Systems is a holistic, automated cybersecurity and IT operations company.

DTEX Systems delivers human behavioural intelligence to enrich SOC workflows and response, augment NGAV with Zero Trust DLP and forensics, proactively mitigate insider threats and identify operational inefficiencies.

A message from Mohan Koo, Founder, DTEX Systems:

“DTEX Systems is partnering with Defence Trailblazer to uplift Australian sovereign capability for detecting and managing Insider Risk. The company was originally founded in Adelaide, and has teams in the US, UK and Europe, with a growing team based in Adelaide’s Lot14 precinct.

We are excited to be working with the Trailblazer community to grow the unique and multidisciplinary workforce skills required for next-generation Insider Risk capability, spanning computer and data science, investigations/digital forensics and human behavioural aspects of cyber security.

The DTEX software platform is currently deployed to hundreds of organisations across a broad range of government and industry sectors, including defence, finance, pharmaceuticals and energy.

DTEX is looking forward to learning from, and contributing to the Defence Trailblazer community.”

Eilbeck Heavy Machining

Eilbeck Heavy Machining is a manufacturing one stop shop with specialisation in the following areas:

  • CNC Machining (Milling, Turning & Gear Cutting)
  • Fabrication
  • Assembly
  • Paint
  • Heat Treatment

A message from Managing Director, Tom Eilbeck:

“Eilbeck is excited to be a part of Defence Trailblazer. We are proud to be a part of program that promotes Sovereign Capability and we can see great potential in the research and development of ground breaking products and technologies for the defence industry.

We are especially excited to see the manufacturing and collaboration opportunities that will come from Defence Trailblazer. “

Elysium EPL

Elysium EPL is an Australian professional services firm which works with government and industry organisations to improve their business performance and realise major transformation projects.

Elysium EPL provide comprehensive solutions with enduring value across a range of areas including contract and organisational design, project management, security and analysis, strategic communications and training.

A message from Elysium EPL Director, Anthony Allen:

“We’re really excited to be partnering with Trailblazer to pioneer the development of practical tools that will support Australian businesses in the age of information warfare,”

Information is increasingly being used as a form of power, and this is an opportunity for Australia to cement itself as a world leader in building business capability to leverage information and protect against the mis-use of it.”

Flawless Photonics

Flawless Photonics manufactures optical fibers in microgravity with 20 times better performance than terrestrial fibers, and and works in collaboration with the European Space Agency and NASA.


FrontierSI is a social enterprise focused on bringing the best people together to anticipate and solve large problems using our space and spatial expertise.

Through government, research, and industry partners, FrontierSI help bring innovative ideas through to real world products and services with a focus on creating both commercial and public good impact.

The company represents a partnership of over 30 organisations across Australia and New Zealand including research agencies, government departments and private sector companies who are global leaders in space and spatial solutions.

The company’s collaborative group has space and spatial expertise including positioning and geodesy, data and infrastructures, spatial analytics, and space advisory. This expertise can assist any sector, from space to health and resources, to improve location-based information and increase data accessibility for improved decision support and service delivery.

A message from FrontierSI CEO, Dr Graeme Kernich:

“Defence Trailblazer will allow us to bring our data analytics and applications expertise to better assist with mission design. Our focus will be on helping ensure we are doing the right missions through both our engagement and mission assurance capabilities. It will also allow us to continue our purpose of anticipating and solving major problems in space and spatial with our partners.”

Geodrones Australia

Geodrones is an Australian company focused on building a world-leading sovereign supply chain dedicated to the design and development of uncrewed capability right here in Australia.

The company focusses on emerging robotics and automation, and is backed by a team with a wealth of industry experience, diverse backgrounds, skillsets and problem-solving approaches.

Geodrones has a ‘capability first’ mentality. That means  solving real world problems customers have right now, with an eye to the needs of tomorrow: technology, integration and upgrade pathways.  

Geodrones defence industry experience means their products are tested and validated in the harshest environments by a user-set with very high-performance expectations. Not only that, Geodrones solutions must work as part of a broader capability set, and address emerging threats not seen in the general commercial sphere.

Geodrones is proud  to support our warfighters and the partnerships they are building to achieve that. But mostly, the company is proud of the commitment it makes every day to foster the skills and experience of Australians who want to contribute to our national and global security. 

A message from Geodrones CEO, Glen Alcock:

“Geodrone’s DNA is built on creating trusted partnerships, engaging the brightest minds in Australia to solve the real-world problems of our warfighters, and creating accelerated pathways to market for the world-leading capability we develop.

The Trailblazer program is designed to hit every one of those outcomes. Specifically, we’re excited that the program will help us rapidly apply Australia’s university IP to our current and future Defence and National Security product suites. As such, Geodrones is excited to be part of the program.”

Greenroom Robotics

Greenroom Robotics are building the next generation of robotic software. This means cloud-native robotics. Think 3D, any device, works everywhere robotic software. We bring the latest and greatest in AI, VR and autonomous car technology to the world of maritime robotics allowing us to move seamlessly between simulation and the real world.

A message from Harry Hubert, Director and Chief Technology Officer:

“We are honoured and thrilled to be accepted into the Defence Trailblazer program. This remarkable opportunity enables us to forge invaluable partnerships with Defence and research institutions, propelling capability and innovation forward. We are eagerly looking forward to collaborating closely with the other participants to not only develop cutting-edge technologies but also to bring them to market as well as fostering the growth of sovereign technology and skills”

HB11 Energy

HB11 Energy is creating the future of clean energy; safe, reliable, and unlimited electricity, generated by fusion reactors that use abundant fuels with little or no harmful waste. It does this by using laser technology to fuse hydrogen and boron-11. Last year it became the first of private company in the world to observe fusion reactions in an experiment. Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe, while Boron-11 comprises some 80% of all Boron found in nature, is readily available and is a stable, non-radioactive isotope.

A message from HB11 Energy, Managing Director Dr Warren McKenzie:

“High-power pulsed laser development is now widely regarded as the key to virtually unlimited clean energy following the National Ignition Facility’s world-first demonstration of fusion net-energy-gain.

HB11 Energy is excited to partner with Defence Trailblazer to accelerate commercial development of these laser systems and establish Australia as a key manufacturing nation for the future fusion and defence supply chains.”

Infinity Avionics 

Infinity Avionics is an Australian company incorporated in 2020, to provide reliable and rugged sensor and processor solutions for the space industry and other high-reliability applications.

The company’s mission is to See the Unseen through reliable, robust and qualified technology solutions complemented by know-how, specialised facilities, experience and expertise.

The team at Infinity Avionics is experienced in electronics design for space applications, project management, systems engineering, defence, and manufacturing, having contributed to the success of several Australian space missions.

Today Infinity Avionics provides space flight-proven and radiation-tested sensor and processor subsystems for space missions worldwide. Additionally, Infinity Avionics provides consulting services to design and deliver custom sensor payloads to meet customers’ mission requirements in a timely manner.

A message from Infinity Avionics Co-founder and COO Damith Abeywardana:

“Infinity Avionics is excited to participate in the Defence Trailblazer program. This program will allow us to work with leading Australian researchers and industry partners to bring our innovative sensor solutions to life. We are committed to investing heavily in research and development, and this program will help us to accelerate our progress in bringing new sensor and processing solutions to the space industry.”

Leidos Australia

Leidos Australia is a regional leader in government, science, and technology solutions. With over 25 years of local experience, Leidos is working to solve the world’s toughest challenges in government, intelligence, defence, aviation, border protection and health markets. With more than 2000 local experts, backed by global experience and a network of partners, Leidos Australia delivers solutions that help secure Australia.

A message from Paul Chase, Chief Executive Leidos Australia:

Leidos Australia are proud to support the Defence Trailblazer program as an industry partner.

As a prime contractor for Defence, Leidos Australia look forward to the opportunity to enhance our key existing programs in autonomy, cyber security and information warfare through the shared access to facilities, SMEs and researchers.

Leidos Australia also looks forward to the opportunity to import our existing collaborations with our US colleagues under AUKUS, in particular hypersonics and quantum sensor science, to the further development of Defence’s capabilities.

Leidos Australia want to ensure a robust future for Defence Industry and look forward to contributing to the development of key engineering and technical skills by actively participating in industry programs developed by this initiative.

The Defence Trailblazer program is as an important investment for Leidos Australia and the future of the Defence workforce.”

Leo Labs

Leo Labs is propelling the dynamic space era with superior information. Through LeoLabs Vertex™’s vertically integrated space operations stack, the company is transforming the way satellite operators, commercial enterprises, and federal agencies launch and track missions in low Earth orbit. With unmatched coverage, real-time tracking, and powerful insights, companies and governments around the world rely on us to safely execute operations in space.

A message from Leo Labs Director, Terry Van Haren:

LeoLabs Australia is proud to be apart of Defence Trailblazer and looks forward to working with researchers and innovators to make Australia a Space Domain Awareness superpower”

Lockheed Martin Australia

Lockheed Martin Australia is a wholly-owned subsidiary of U.S.-based Lockheed Martin, a global security and aerospace company that is principally engaged in the research, design, development, manufacture, integration and sustainment of advanced technology systems, products and services.

Lockheed Martin Australia employs over 750 staff deployed in national security, civil IT and critical infrastructure operations across all mainland states. Principal centres of activity are in Adelaide and Melbourne, and Canberra, the company’s headquarters.

Lockheed Martin products and services have been supporting Australia’s critical national security requirements for over 60 years. Current collaboration with Australian industry spans the Aeronautics, Maritime, Surveillance, Land Systems and Space domains.

A message from Dr Tony Lindsay, Director of Lockheed Martin Australia’s STELaRLab:

“We’re excited to be expanding our university collaborations with the Defence Trailblazer team.  Our R&D interests lie in advanced, multi-domain capabilities and the Defence Trailblazer offers the opportunity to better coordinate a University R&D program for what is intrinsically a whole-of-system R&D challenge.  The Trailblazer collaboration allows for R&D coordination at a program level, rather than at the level of individual projects.”

Nominal Systems

Nominal Systems help organizations deliver complex systems with confidence faster. The company’s Digital Engineering platform, Nominal, helps organizations rapidly explore, understand and optimize their products and processes in a safe-to-fail environment. The company offers platforms for R&D, testing or critical operations.

A message from Nominal Systems CEO, Christopher Capon:

“At Nominal Systems, we’re excited to be part of the Defence Trailblazer program.  By bringing together our digital twinning architecture with cutting-edge research organizations and leading industry partners, we look forward to advancing our mission to make the design, testing and operation of complex, remote systems simpler, safer and more secure. Space is just the start.”

Northrop Grumman

Northrop Grumman is a leading global aerospace and defense technology company. Our pioneering solutions equip our customers with capabilities they need to connect and protect the world, and push the boundaries of human exploration across the universe. Driven by a shared purpose to solve our customers’ toughest problems, our 95,000 employees define possible every day.

A message from Derek Reinhardt, Director Engineering and Operational Excellence at Northrop Grumman: 

“We are delighted to be working with the Defence Trailblazer program as we invest in creating leading edge sovereign defence capability for Australia.”

This welcome partnership with The University of New South Wales and The University of Adelaide will mature disruptive technologies into capabilities that meet the future needs of the ADF. “

QuantX Labs

QuantX Labs’ mission is to be a globally leading provider of precision technologies that enhance communication, navigation, computing and defence systems.   The production and test facility, based in Adelaide, is providing a unique industrial capability to support Australian Defence and Space programs.

QuantX Labs’ current focus is on three precision technologies:

  • Sapphire Oscillators – Our flagship product – CRYOCLOCK – is the world’s most precise commercial clock – and is transitioning to deployment in the ADF’s JORN Defence Radar.
  • Quantum Atomic Optical Clocks –these ground-breaking next-generation atomic clocks will be deployed on land and in space to deliver sovereign access to secure timing. Secure timing underpins all distributed systems and represents a vulnerability for operation in contested environments.
  • Quantum magnetometers – developed to sense extremely small changes in the Earth’s magnetic field. Effectively our sensors make the ocean and land transparent through the uniquely high sensitivity of quantum sensing.

A message from Martin O’Connor – General Manager, QuantX Labs:

“The QuantX Labs team are thrilled to be part of the Defence Trailblazer program. Translation of precision technologies from university concept to deployment in Defence is the reason QuantX Labs exists. And to be part of a program that’s core focus is to fast-track innovation to defence-capability was a no brainer for us.”

Raytheon Australia

Raytheon Australia is the nations leading provider of whole-of-life capabilities for the Australian Defence Force (ADF). With an in-country history spanning two decades, Raytheon Australia have become a trusted capability partner for Australia s defence.

Since the company’s establishment in 1999, Raytheon Australia have formed an enduring and vital part of Australia s defence fabric and have invested in developing a truly sovereign workforce and comprehensive capability for Australia.

The company’s commitment to developing Australian Industry Capability is engrained across all of our programs, as is our investment in local SMEsto grow our existing supplier portfolio of 1,500 companies across Australia.

Saab Australia

Headquartered in Adelaide and with offices around Australia, Saab Australia has more than 800 employees delivering sovereign capabilities in the Maritime, Submarine, Civil Security, Land and Aerospace, Deployable Health and Infrastructure, Autonomous Systems, and Space domains.

SAAB’s core capabilities are providing customers with highly technical and advanced system solutions through our expertise in complex engineering, systems integration, through-life support, technology innovation and project management, through partnership and collaboration.

A message from Chief Engineer, Graham Smith, Saab Australia: 

“As a provider of high-technology systems for our naval, air, space, land and security customers, we know firsthand that collaborations can promote new thinking and enhance the development of sovereign capabilities. We’re excited to be participating with other leaders through the Defence Trailblazer; it is a terrific initiative for both workforce and technology development that will bring Australian innovation and excellence to the fore.

Silentium Defence

Silentium Defence is a global leader in the design and deployment of passive surveillance systems. The company’s Situational Awareness solutions enable  detection without compromise and action with confidence.

A message from Silentium Defence, Co-founder and CEO Dr James Palmer:

“The need for asymmetric capability advantage that delivers an edge for our Defence Force has never been more pressing. 

That advantage happens when you combine deep science and technology research, with deep customer understanding, and the skills, capacity, and capability within industry to deliver, at pace.    

That’s what the Defence Trailblazer is designed to enable. A critical uplift across the entire ecosystem, that will accelerate and sustain our ability to meet Defence’s needs, now and into the future.  

As an Australian SME at the coalface of capability delivery, we know this is a critical focus. That’s why we’re proud to come on board as an industry partner and leverage our experience and support to help meet the aim.” 


Skykraft is an Australian space services company that specialises in the conceptualisation, design, manufacture, and operations of SmallSat constellations for the delivery of global services.

Skykraft’s foundation constellation, which is under rapid development, is for space-based Air Traffic Management services with operations commencing in 2023.

Space Machines Company

Space Machines Company (SMC) is an Australian start-up developing in-space logistics and transportation capabilities to cost-effectively insert small satellites into desired low earth orbits (LEO), geostationary earth orbits (GEO) and lunar orbits. SMC vehicles will grow in future to maintain, refuel, repair and decommission satellites and other spacecraft.

Technical areas of interest include in-space servicing and related technologies.

A message from Mark Ramsey, Chief Operating Officer of Space Machines Company:

Space Machines Company is thrilled to be part of the Defence Trailblazer, particularly through its space element. Bringing sovereign spacefrom concepts to capability in partnership between industry and academia is at the heart of our nation’s future needs”


The Syracuse Research Corporation (now SRC) was started on an academic, industrial and defence partnership. The original non-profit company was founded on providing advice to government and Defence on complex technical topics – in particular Electronic Warfare (EW) support.

The future of EW is focused on handling the growing problem of a complex, contested and congested electromagnetic spectrum.  Applied machine learning (M/L) is central to solving the EW problems of today and into the future.  As a result, partnering w/ leading academic researchers on M/L is pivotal for the future of SRC Aus and our capability deliveries to the ADF.

Here in Australia, SRC Aus will work to enhance our product deliveries and projects for Defence and Allied warfighting forces by incorporating technology developed under the Trailblazer rapid prototyping program.


Supashock is a world-class designer and manufacturer of advanced mobility, motion and autonomous systems that control, monitor and improve the efficiency and capability of defence, commercial, automotive, motorsport and other transport vehicles. The rapid growth, awards, patented technology and impacts on local economy have seen Supashock become a highly recognised success story at home and abroad.

A message from Oscar Fiorinotto, Founder & CEO of Supashock Advanced Technologies:

“The Defence Trailblazer represents a fantastic opportunity for Supashock engineers to develop and contribute to ground-breaking technologies with the aim of propelling Australian sovereign capabilities.” 

The initiative is aligned with Supashock’s vision of building intelligent systems and smart machines for a modern world, our engineers will solve complex problems alongside industry experts in both defence and civilian market sectors. The program will see the best minds work together to develop local technologies and products, with a shared goal of creating jobs and boosting the economy.”


Thales is a global technology leader with more than 77,000 employees on five continents. The Group is investing in digital and “deep tech” innovations – Big Data, artificial intelligence, connectivity, cybersecurity and quantum technology – to build a future we can all trust. Trust is essential for societies to flourish, with humans playing a central role in every critical decision. Thales’s high-tech solutions, services and products help companies, organisations and governments to achieve their goals and ambitions. And in each of our five vertical markets — digital identity and security, defence and security, aerospace, space, and transport — our customers play a vital role in society.


Founded in 2021, Viden Labs is a cutting-edge cybersecurity company that has been at the forefront of cyberworthiness. Our purpose is to deliver high end cyber-physical assurance evaluations of critical capabilities and infrastructure at a hardware, software or supply chain level. Our detailed assurance services help provide our clients peace of mind in the confidentiality, integrity, availability, and authenticity of their most critical assets or capabilities.

Operating from Viden’s own Zone 4 cyber-physical security laboratory in Braddon, the company’s fully sovereign and security cleared staff are able to conduct a range of detailed technical evaluations at a hardware, software and supply level, to identify and remediate critical vulnerabilities during the design, acquisition or sustainment of critical systems or other operational technologies.

Through Viden’s advanced test methodologies, in addition to  membership of the Australian Information Security Evaluation Program (AISEP) through the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD), the company offers our clients a rigorous and independent means of assurance. Leveraging these repeatable, verifiable and contemporary test techniques, Viden is able to provide independent assurance of a range of technologies, from basic software applications through to emerging technologies or complex system of systems capabilities.

Viden Labs believe that knowledge is power. The name, “Viden,” derived from the Danish word for “knowledge,” reflects the company’s core philosophy of harnessing the power of information to drive insights and progress for their clients.  Through a deep understanding of emerging technologies and expertise across multiple domains, Viden empowers their clients to embrace the future securely. It’s this commitment to excellence that has made Viden a trusted partner for businesses and organisations seeking to navigate the ever-evolving cyber security landscape.

A message from Viden Labs CEO, Mr Anthony Barnes:

“Viden is immensely proud to be a part of the Defence Trailblazer program. The program will enable Viden to advance Australia’s national security, through the enhancement or development of new and novel test methodologies for the assurance of mission essential capabilities, critical infrastructure or emerging technologies. This program has not only allowed us to push the boundaries of innovation in defence technology but has also provided us with unparalleled support, resources, and collaborations through two of Australia’s leading universities – UNSW and UoA.

We are honoured to be a part of this collective effort, and thankful for the Government and the universities for vision and support for the program.”